Here at the office of Sandra Brener & Associates, we are proud to specialize in pediatric dentistry. Our entire staff is very good with children. We know and understand how children think, so we can start them off right. We want them to believe the dentist’s office is a good place instead of being scared of it. We take our time with all patients so they have an enjoyable visit.

Our dentists and entire staff understand the importance of good oral health for young children. They have specialized training in primary teeth. They are here to help protect and restore children’s teeth so that they can speak and eat easily and have a wonderful smile. They understand the growth and development of children’s teeth so they can start children off with good oral health.

Our comprehensive pediatric care regularly includes the following services:

  • Comprehensive Dental Care From Infancy Through Adolescence
  • Laser Surgery (Gum Remodeling, Tongue-Tie, Lip-Tie)
  • Interceptive Orthodontic Care to Treat Minor Orthodontic Issues
  • InvisalignTeen © (Clear Aligners for Teens, Orthodontic Treatment)
  • Digital X-Rays
  • Preventive Services (Oral Hygiene Instruction, Nutritional Counseling, Sealants)
  • Cosmetic & Restorative Care
  • Professional Teeth Whitening 
  • Extractions
  • Space Maintainers
  • Sports Mouth Guards
  • Habit Appliances
  • Behavior Modification for Apprehensive Patients 
  • Individualized Disease Management Program 
  • Community Service: FREE Infant oral Health Club & School Based Educational Programs

We also understand how important taking care of children’s teeth is. We will work with parents to ensure their children are taking good care of their teeth at home. We will also monitor their mouths for any problems so we can catch them early. If needed, we will work with your children’s regular doctor to treat any problems we find.

If you have any questions or would like your children seen, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (954) 441-3777.