What to Expect on the First Visit:
Your first visit to our office is a very important one. We want to know as much as possible about your child to better help him/her stay healthy. We are a health-centered dental practice and oral health is just part of it. Here is a step-by-step guide to your first visit:

  • We will greet you in our reception area where you can complete some questions about your child while he or she is playing
  • We will go over some questions with you in regards to your child’s medical and dental history.
  • We will welcome you and your child in the clinic area.
  • If X-Rays are necessary, we will take them at this time.
  • We will go over proper oral hygiene technique, proper nutrition for your child, and sports safety.
  • Dr. Brener will do necessary tests and examine your child.
  • Dr. Brener will provide you with a report of your child’s condition and with an individualized preventive program for your child.
  • Your child will be prized for being a good helper.
  • We will help you schedule your next preventive/restorative visit.

It is normal for a child (and his or her parents) to be anxious about the dental visit. Here are some tips that will help you feel more comfortable:

  • Do the “Office Tour” on our website.
  • Read the “Testimonials.
  • Request a phone conversation with Dr. Brener or schedule some time to meet her before your child’s appointment: 954-441-3777

Here are some helpful links: